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Rolling Along
     The holidays have a way of making us miss those that are no longer with us. For me it is the gentlest soul I have ever known, or ever will. They just don't make them like her anymore. She went through hardships none of us could even imagine. Born dirt poor, lost her mother when she was very young. Soon she lost several brothers, and then her father. Later on, as a young woman, she lost her husband and then after remarrying, lost a child. Who was she? My Grandmother. She died 5 months shy of her 100th birthday in June of 2008. So why am I writing about her now? Just recently a cousin was going through my great aunts things, my great aunt had died as well not long ago. Anyway, my cousin happened upon something so special and so surprising it has compelled me to write this in memory of a lady who was never loud, or boisterous. Who never patted herself on the back for anything. Who lived with more dignity and grace than anyone I have ever known. While she had
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 10 13
The Architect
Words taste like sand
unwholesome and coarse
striking as lightning
on the ear of mercy
casting long forever shadows
on the killing fields
of no quarter
pitching righteous wrath
against the battlements
of betrayal snared in my fist
waving ingloriously
the banner of truth
a familiar beacon
that rallies my perseverance
in this ages old war
for nothing as lofty as peace
but for the satisfaction
of simple justice long denied
and dreamt of sorely
in my resolute heart...
The architect of loves facade
died here.
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 21 32
Kingdom Of Chaos
They dredge the night
of its copious secrets
even coaxing the moon
from its ebony bed
shaking the stars
into their sweaty palms
then pocket the entire lot
grinning like fools
Their kingdom of chaos
breaches the shores of reason
pillages the hapless
then plunders the greedy
the veil of their twisted charm
belies the coarse fabric
of their cruel intent
They have hollowed the world with lies
cheapened its inherent grace
robbing hope from the masses
vile merchants of contrived misinformation
peddled at our tables
where gullibility is host
toasting our moral defeat
Lets raise a cheer
to the soulless news media
purveyors of disillusion
mourners at the worlds demise...
Your name is Legion.
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 41 61
Broken Beams
One voice heard above the din
made me lift my weary chin
searching for the owner
I found another loner
Seeing past the mask of a smile
took his hand and walked his last mile
He pointed out all the things he would miss
called me his Angel, made me promise to remember this
Gave a thousand songs
all about rights and wrongs
Undying love and wishful dreams
falling stars hanging on broken beams
Now, the days have turned to years
with memories to dry my tears
The ache I feel renewed afresh
my sorrow and joy painfully mesh
I sort it out with every waking
life is worth living, love is worth taking
Each day a gift, shiny and new
resolutely, the lasting grace of you...
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 38 54
Gray Roses
The sob was quiet
splitting the worn seams
of the starless night
impaling the delicate balance
into splinters of disarray
while the rain washed away
all evidence of sorrow
now mingled and fallen
blanching the frail blooms
of scent and color
what is life without love
if not a bouquet of gray roses?
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 48 83
Another Lament
Just a shade beyond the pale
so near translucent
a wraith of  memory
skims along hollow places
and darkened chambers
of a heart near numb  
echoes of what might have been
but was never meant to be
another grave lament
of this mortal sojourn
I wasn't always alone...
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 34 60
Pearled droplets of salt spray
hung like unasked wishes
tangled in his wind blown hair
framing his face
in moonlight and shadow
The burdens of his past,
fleshy weights pinned
to his empty soul
lay just over his shoulder
on a distant shore
Where his name is cursed
on soft trembling lips
and his memory
is clasped tight
and shook like a fist
against the indifferent stars
that burn so bright
Yet are as cold
as his cads' heart...
you are the ruin of me.
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 31 62
Meowy Christmas by PondDreamer Meowy Christmas :iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 53 62
How could you know
your roars robbed me
of all things esteemed
that the blows reigned
all over my innocence
would devour hope
shatter normalcy
placing me in this cage
I call preference
but never choice
for I knew nothing of give
but could recite volumes
on what was taken
How could you know
you were breaking
what could never
be properly repaired
How could you know?
I told you...
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 39 80
I grieve for you
with your jaundiced eyes
and winter edged heart
that you perceive the world
is as cold
as your soul
or as empty
as your conscience
the milk of human kindness
curdles on your lips
preferring bitter bile
as your cup of tea
base expectations
a justifiable reward
a frozen satisfaction
seldom denied
Beware the grim honor
of reaping
what is sown
stitched tightly
to your fate
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 31 72
Alone In The Dark
There are days
when I feel
all the colors
have drained away
and I float
on a lake
of pristine glass
beneath a sky
bereft of meaning
and regrets flutter
like desperate wings
against the walls
of boxed memories
all treasured tokens
adrift and alone
in the dark...
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 72 117
I watched the stars fall
as tears on silver strings
caught them in my palm
each enchanting one
as precious as laughter
bursting my wayward heart
like some exotic bloom
ripened on a withered vine
a miracle amidst decay
made its ill timed claim
on a soul no longer my own...
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 35 63
Broken Horizon
The sky was made for dreaming
naturally he thought of her
the wind danced playfully
across water serene
an ode to her laughter
in each ripple
lapping gently against
the shores of his heart
here beneath heavens blanket
so near yet so far
tucked in the hollows
of his anguish
the broken horizon
begs the question
is there grace
in your regret?
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 49 76
Quest For Solace
She dreams beneath
the elder oaks
under radiant showers
of autumns red and gold
a shedding riot of vibrant decay
a windblown bed for her repose
a quest for solace in slumber
unfettered in mystic reverie
but a wing beat away
where woe is unknown
and sorrow a stranger
Comfort found on a pillow
of mist cooled green moss
softly fragrant of life
and eternal renewal
Hope sinks deep roots
and flourishes within
the sacred promise
of her spring born heart...
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 54 110
Mature content
Blue Satin :iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 31 91
She is the art of mystery
an uncommon composure
of sensory harmony
She burns incense redolent
of sandalwood and cinnamon
She is arrayed in vibrant color
as a field in full summer bloom
when she sings of the poetry
whispered from sun ripe flowers
the birds are shamed
into reverent silence
as butterflies are drawn
to her enthralling grace
She pours the ceremonial tea
with hands that glide
like twin white turtledoves
the embodiment of elegance
subtle, yet elaborate
as wind on calm water
She flows into the moment
seamless, tranquil, serene
the hostess of endless delights
sweet Shiori, geisha of my dreams
:iconponddreamer:PondDreamer 39 125
Thank you for viewing/commenting/faving my work! :heart:





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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 1, 2013, 11:10 PM

Hi everybody!!  Yes, I have been MIA for a very long time.  Please excuse any errors and mistakes I make doing this journal, I am going to have re-learn how to do somethings all over again :lol:

I am putting up this journal because a very dear friend :icondaytripper-tom: has generously and very kindly gifted me with a new membership sub :blowkiss: and thought I should at the very least thank him publicly and also let all of you who may remember me know I am still alive :lol: and miss being on dA very much. Without giving any of the boring details, I will just say my health has been a challenge and its not always easy to get on here. I am hopeful this is only temporary and perhaps I can resuscitate my muse sooner rather than later....carpe diem...or noctum in my case :lol:

Hope all had a Happy Halloween!! That was always one of my favorite times here on dA. I got to be a judge in a couple of contests, which was so much fun.  Ah, well...I won't bore you any longer, just wanted to say hi and to thank a very dear man for this sub.  I will make an effort to be on here as often as I can.  I have missed it more than you can imagine!

Love and blessings to all :iconslowglompplz:

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